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RAIDON Launches External 3.5" SATA6G + UASP Ready RAID Storage

The GR3660-B3 is a full-featured simple and easy dual bay storage device, along with RAID 0 (Striping), RAID 1 (Mirroring), and JBOD three application modes, with Super Speed USB3.0 transmission interface, not only with fast transmission performance but also easily content data safety with 8TB large storage capacity or information exchange requirement.

GR3660-B3 is compatible with all brands of 4TB SATA hard drives. Install two 4TB hard drives under RAID 0 mode and the system will provide 8TB of access. Independent JBOD mode can offer independent storage areas even if the hard drives are of different capacities.

SATA III 6G, Chip Design Enjoy Extreme Speed
GR3660-B3 internal use SATA III (6G) chip design and transform into the most easy to use USB3.0 (5G) interface, backwards compatible with USB 2.0 and USB 1.1, not only comprehensive range of usage but also leaving your data transfer without waiting to complete an instant. USB 3.0 performance will slight decrease due to maximum and fragmented data transfer mainly due to the transmission technology.

In order to allow better transmission performance, GR3660-B3 add UASP function to transfer data without waiting for previous data transfer is completed before the current transmission data movement, and improved in CPU utilization, data delay and waiting .
(To reach UASP acceleration, make sure your computer is also support UASP function.) 

Currently SSD performance beyond traditional hard disk, remarkable performance reads data is replace the traditional hard disk as a boot device. 

However, when you have 3.5-inch HDD, 2.5-inch HDD or SSD each replacing required to remove enclosure which is a high burden work. Now just through GR3660 can help you achieve both SSD to be a system disk and hard disk swap data store, can be installed through the hot-swap design; removable hard drive tray design, combined with external box convenience the plug and play and stability advantages of a built-in tray, allowing you to easily swap on the move.

The unique design of SATA hard drives gives itself removable characteristics; but through RAIDON's removable trays, removing and installing SATA hard drives is more comprehensive and secure. Through secure removable hard drive trays, users can easily move the entire hard drive like moving an entire video library. Users no longer need to rummage through a stack of CDs/DVDs to look for a video. Let the removable tray design make your workflow faster and more convenient. RAIDON has already envisioned these application advantages for users.

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