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RAIDON Launches Internal 2.5-inch SATA6G HDD/SSD RAID Storage


PRESS RELEASE by btarunr

Wednesday, September 10th 2014 14:14 


RAIDON InTANK iR2770 has a patented design that allows two 2.5" SATA HDD/SSD to be fitted into one 3.5"drive space! It's equipped with optional RAID 0 to enhance the speed of transfer compare to a regular hard drive or switch to RAID 1 for an efficient and securer data backup. RAIDON iR2770 internal RAID module supports SATA 6G/bs host interface and SATA 22 pin power supply; the connector location exactly the same with a 3.5"hard drive. Thus it is not necessary to install any other brackets but just install the iR2770 to existing operating system and then the system will be upgraded as a RAID storage to secure data!

With Removable Drive Trays, in a various application range, the unique design of SATA connection gives itself removable characteristics; through RAIDON's removable trays, removing and installing SATA hard drives is more comprehensive and secure. The secure removable hard drive trays, users can easily move the entire hard drive like moving an entire video library. Users no longer need to rummage through a stack of CDs/DVDs to look for a video. Let the removable tray design make your workflow faster and more convenient. RAIDON has already envisioned these application advantages for users.

Digital Photo Editing, iR2770 makes the system faster and digital photos more secure, the iR2770 can be used as a workstation for photographers. Using the 2.5" hard disk slot to install the solid-state hard disk, the performance of the system can be faster, whether running PhotoShop or Lightroom, to edit photos or to search thumbnails. Moreover, by using the storage space constructed by the 3.5" RAID 1, it is suitable for gamers to save large amounts of original RAW files as well as following-up completed files after editing.

No fan - cooling hole mechanism design, the advantage of automation equipment is in its production efficiency. In high-speed production processes, the worse happened is system failure, system failure will cause a shutdown of an automated production line, the production loss during these shutdowns is far greater than business owners can image. By using the iR2770 RAID 1 module, you can protect automation systems in long-term operation and do not have to worry about halts in automated production equipment due to hard disk damage and is the most cost-effective equipment choice. From small-scale CNC processing to large-scale semiconductor manufacturing processes, the RAID 1 module is recommended to protect the long-term operation of systems and achieve high production efficiency.

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